Lunes, Nobyembre 9, 2015

JHCSC San Pablo Campus Alumni

       Recently, three of our known alumni of JHCSC San Pablo ESU got their item in DepEd and have been assigned at San Pablo National High School.
        Julieto B. Sumatra, Joenel M. Gaviola and Juvy May A. Sojero were proudly a product of our Alma Mater and continuously inspiring a lot poor but deserving students in continuing their studies through perseverance and faith. For them, putting yourselves in colleges and universities, either within the city or within the town, either a main campus or an extension unit, there are no other differences but its name because both are giving you opportunities to become someone in your society. Once you will pass the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) you can also have the same license as what the other graduates from the richest university had received.

       You have the same title, the same profession and same pride. They spent a lot of wealth but you spent lesser. You both received academic awards but yours were precious for you knew it’s impossible for you to get it. Yes they have richness, but you have perseverance and faith, a key to open the door of your dreams. Do not force to choose your desired course for it’s just a framework and not yet a profession.
       Witness another alumnus Jouvar Embudo, graduated BEED (Bachelor in Elementary Education) but a BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) employee today. Things were already planned. You have just to wait and extend you patience and efforts. Our alumni have been also in your stage, in the same situation and in the same status of living, but they pursued and never surrendered. For some people say “keep on moving and never give up”.
         It’s been a great opportunity that our Provincial Governor Antonio H. Cerilles brought to us an extension campus here in our town. Our alma mater is now producing more than 20 professionals counting only San Pablo external service unit for 7 years after pioneer students graduated.
For the upcoming graduation ceremony on March 2016, we will be witnessing another batch of   almost 70 graduates with different courses.
       Just keep on moving and never stop dreaming.